Kokino - The observatory

Kokino - The observatory

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One of the most popular archaeological sites and the forth-oldest megalithic observatory in the world recognised by NASA, Kokino is listed side by side with ancient observatories as Stonehenge (Great Britain), Abu Simbel (Egypt) and Angkor Wat (Cambodia). 

The megalithic observatory Kokino represents a unique exceptional well preserved site from Bronze Age that testify for the human creative genius in the usage of a specific natural resource for satisfying the vital needs and beliefs of the people. It is located in the north-eastern part of Macedonia at 19 kilometres from the town of Kumanovo and in the village vicinity of Kokino.

The complex has been formed from volcanic rocks. It has a conical form with a saddle at the top, and it belongs to the volcanic area of Kratovo and Zletovo. The natural tendency of these andesite rocks to crack vertically and horizontally caused forming of almost ideal cubic rock blocks. These could be easily shaped and wisely used by the prehistoric dwellers as areas/positions for observing the movement of the sun, the moon and for performing religious rituals as well as creating one of the first calendars in the world.

There was a settlement that existed in the prehistoric period, from 19th to 7th century BC, which was formed at the southeast slope of the hill. Its precise location and more complete identification will be determined by the continuous archaeological investigations.

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